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Adams currently has two years left, and 2020 will be 3.6 million in 2020, and 2021 will be 9.9 million US dollars. He is currently more than 15 million US dollars, which will also make him the highest salary security guard.

Therefore, the rambers and Johnson can continue to talk about multi-year contracts until July 15, but it is unlikely to have results. After confirming the privileged label, the ram could no longer change the idea of ​​the Johnson’s one-year contract & mdash; & mdash; Josh Norman was the same as the black panther last year.

Beckham became the focus of public opinion within a few hours after the end of the game, Lebron James also joined it in Monday, released his own and Beckham, then Bakerham The tweet was written: “I am playing with my favorite sports star @ 斯斯.”

The Chicago Bear team also ushered in the first victory of this season. They played the Pittsburgh steel man with 23-17 Time. The second grade running guard Jordan Howard played outstanding, handed over 138 yards and 2 times. Friendship transcript, and he helped the bear team in the overtime. At the same time, the Xiong team has also played outstanding, got 102 yards, and his 283-yard integrated code number in all rookie roses in all rookie roses. It is a good surprise. In the case of four-point guards, Glenn, the steady pavement may be the winning spoon of the bear team.

“He is a very potential player, we need him.” Snned said, “Although our current defensive coordinator changed, I clear, Wade also watched the Heng Wei. So I believe we will leave Trumman, just because everyone is a newcomer, so they need a ripening and running. Are they all coming with the other party? We need to find the answer, we spent a lot of money in Truman, so talking about long-term contracts consider.”

Regardless of fans on twitter how to think, Adrian Peterson’s home that they can not decide. Compared to the 12 million annual salary he, like Frank Gore signed a three-year contract and ponies share of 12 million seems to me that now is a realistic choice of Adrian Peterson.

[Event Prevent] Fourth Week Thursday Night Race @ 包装As one of the most famous accommodations in the history of the national distribution, the historical origins of the two teams always give the competition heavier historical significance. This game will be the 195th hand of the two teams including the player, http://www.mashbale.com/__media__/js/netsoltrademark.php?d=reitvereinaerzen.de%2Fdie-heimlichen-stars-unseres-vereins and 195 hands-on records are also the most NFL history. The two teams of the two teams were recorded as 94-94-6, and this game was also the first time in the history of the two teams, and who could got the final victory, they can occupy the history of the history. Advantage.

Over the past three years, Adrian Peterson appeared in only 20 games in 48 games, a total of 385 possessions advancing 1632 yards (4.2 yards average) and 11 touchdowns. Is one such achievement has earned him $ 35 million (including 2014, when he was accused of abuse since 4 year-old son played only one game, but still took the full pay).

Last week, Green Bay packaging workers took the lead in the leadership of Alon Rogers, and the Tiger, which came to Sinnati, this bureau, Lu Jess, came out of 313 yards and 3 times, still transferred a message to all fans, that is He is the guarantee of the Green Bay winning. The elite four-dimensional soldiers such as Rogers are also very good at changing “waste” for treasure, in Yudi Nielsen and Landao – Kobo cannot stay healthy, de Wante-Adams is difficult to use, this game is not passed. External Hand Joneso-Ellison 6 times a 122 yard, in the overtime, his 72 yards of the ball helped the package to get the opportunity to win the gates, and finally helped the team won. I don’t know how to face the old opponent bear team, will Rogers also excavate what secret weapons?

The ball 144 times advancing yardage only 416 yards, with an average 2.9 yards every time. Mean yards in the league usually is four yards, but his career average yards Adrian Peterson is 4.9. During that time he was only a few yards rushing a game to a total of only 70 yards and three touchdowns.

Although no one completely ruled out that he is coming out of this season, if the Calibo’s ankle does not recover, he will still face the risk of injury. Perhaps if 49 people still have the hopes in the seventeenth week, Calorobo may return. Otherwise, it is hard to imagine 49 people will let him play.

Whether or giant cowboy, or that other teams may not change the situation after Adrian Peterson left the Vikings. Although he will become a legend in Minnesota results in 2012 from a torn ACL in a strong return we will be borne in mind by everyone, but now he has to do is prove to the other 31 teams that he will not become a burden to the team, those difficulties defeated numerous outstanding running back would not let him stop, and will not be affected by off-site events.

“Although in theory, as long as there is a team like Peterson silly choice, but I really could not think of looking for him after leaving the Vikings, who else would.” A senior NFL contract investigators said.

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