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After joining the eagle, Raike still faces a lot of problems: Can Sam Bradford renew? Can Demarco Murray? Can Demarco Murray? How to use Ryan Mathews? The Eagle Coach Group has been basically restructured, and then they need to transfer their attention to the players.

– AP28 as a I-flavored squash squad running in the alliance of this pass-to-morning, has been out of the era. When he entered the alliance, the entire union did not use more than half of the opportunity to use more than half of the opportunity to shoot the gun array. Last season, 63.6% of the offensive files use long-winning ball, 80.4% of the Paragraph of the Paragraph. And for AP28, he is used to waiting for delivery after four points, lacks the ability to pass the ball to advance.

Steel man runs Belle to express a payment in rag songsLevian – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) has always been one of the best running guards in our previous three seasons. In the 35 game, he got 2777 yards in 35 games, and the ball was 1389 yards, and a total of 22 times.

Eagle appointed Frank Raiki for offensive coordinatorFormer San Diego lightning offensive coordinator Frank Reich is about to join the Philadelphia Eagle Coach Group. After the appointment Doug-Pederson, the eagle quickly finalized the candidate of the attack coordinator. Raik has been lightning effective in the past two seasons. Since the results of this season are only 4 wins and 12 losses, he was fired earlier this month.

Run Weida Carverry: More than a thousand yardsBlack Leopard Run Keritan – McAristian McCaffrey last season completed the promotion and promoting a strong feat, but this season, his main goal is not a record.

“This is still decided by Calvin. I chatted with him on Monday,” Wood said. “Bob Quinn (Bob Quinn) (General Manager of the Lion) talked about him. Carvin has not made a decision. If he wants to return, we are willing to let him return. If he feels retired, we will also support this A decision. He needs to decide what is beneficial to him. We can do the worst thing is to give him pressure. “

The problem of the flashing team is constantly, but the team’s attack is still in the League 9th, including the pass attack on the 4th of the League. Compared to excellent pass attack, bad ground offensive and score capabilities may be one of the reasons for lightning decision to give up Raike. The rookie run Wei Melwin-Gordon cannot adapt to the offensive system of lightning, and the team also hopes to design different tactics for him.

The salary cap space occupied by Adrian Peterson is the highest alliance, reaching $ 14 million. On the second running, Jamaal Charles, Jamaal Charles, only $ 9.05 million. Therefore, the average annual salary of $ 15 million means that the current top running guards will have a significant increase in widespread salary. Even if Bell has proven to be one of the best alliances, it is still unlikely.

Wood also said that the free player market opened on March 9 is not the deadline for Johnson to make a decision to make a decision to make a decision. & Mdash; even though this may bring more wage spaces for the team.

Lu said: “It is not to be unhappy, but my goal is not to let him transfer the promotion, but let him lead the team to win. McCaverry is also eager to win. Very obvious, we want to win, It is necessary to make him the best performance as much as possible. “

It is not surprising that Bell wants to get a contract that reflects its performance. At least, you can regard his latest rag songs as he expressing this hope. Bell, which is a secondary song, including the ray singer, including such a lyrics: “I am the best in the league, even if it is not the closest. I need a $ 15 million contract a year, they know this.”

Wright then added, even if the patriot chose to attack the injured players, Cheap Nfl Jerseys the Hawks will not use the same means to attack the opponent: “If you know your opponent hurt, you will not deliberately hurt him. I want to do it, Just full match. If a party appears in the game deliberately attacks a player’s injured part, I think it is unacceptable. This behavior should not appear in the football match. “

McAfri said in an interview on Friday: “The most important data is the number of winners. This is also the only thing I care, I just want to win. If I want everyone, I hope everyone can reach 4 times. Our game is more than 60 points. “

The cowboy has EZ2K, but the AP28 has also faithful to Jerry Jones, I hope to have the opportunity to end your career in the cowboy. He even clearly expressed that it would be a member of Cowboy after the end of Viking’s career. In this regard, the response of the denim boss is that there is a chance to consider letting the AP28 become the helper of Elliot. The two people’s email shouting can make a lot of news, but the reality is that the cowboy has a qualified 70-year-old buse, the second running 卫 Alfred – Morris. Cowbi does not urgently need to reinforce this position.

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