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Carolina Panthers last week, defeating San Diego lightning, so they are still theoretically retain a trace of playoff hopes, of course, it is only in theory. In addition to the game this week, they have to continuously beat the Falcons and the Pirates in the next two weeks, hope to have the first name of the League of Nations South qualify. From the historical record of view, it seems there is a possibility Panthers qualifying, because in the past 14 games in December / January game, the Panthers won 12 games, scored 382 points lost 255 points, if they can playoffs, it will become the biggest dark horse of the regular season.

In another quarter-free Sparkston, Paxton Lynch, because the ankle injury cannot be determined, the Oswele is the first thing to be a chapter, especially in the game competition. The guards reached 147.7. Yes, the horses defensive group ranked 30th in the alliance, but this is enough to let him continue.

Steel people take over Schthzite responded to Rambi Wei Lamse: I am meOn Friday, Los Angeles Ramsey Jalen Ramsey, in an interview, took the Pittsburgh’s steel people, Juju Smith-Schuster, the front of the steel man took over Antonio – Brown ( Antonio brown compares. He said Smith Shuste is not Brown.

Two playoff teams last season, both likely to bid farewell to the playoffs this season, which will meet next week to fellow sufferers night race. Carolina Panthers will come to the capital of the challenges the Washington Redskins.

Auckland raid sent a six-round sign from the rest of the afternoon last year, but the 33-year-old elderly four-point guards lost their first position before the start of the season, and the DREK CARR became Start. After the raid, the four-dimensional Swan Kristian-pound is better, and the bruces are more possible. Pound and another four-point Swan Matt McGloin will compete with the second quadrant position after the Car.

In an interview, Griffin emphasized that Washington’s red skin would not ask himself to barely hurt. Although this week’s opponent is a hot Dallas cowboy. The results of this game will also affect the trend of the red skin, but Griffin and team have reached unanimously debut. Main Coach Jie Gruden also said that only 100% of healthy Griffin can become the first team of the team.

In this competition, the ram sometimes lets Ram stare against Schthzite, sometimes sent double-guard. In the end, Smith Schustt completed 3 batches to get 44 yards. This is the fourth time in the six games in the season, he fails to catch more than 50 yards.

For wild horses, the season is actually over, at this time, Lynch is the most valuable thing. If the second-grade four-point guard restores health in the seventeenth week, the Osville performance in the next game, we expect Linqi to be a first battle in the season.

Earlier this week, Grunette has said that if Griffin is still unable to appear, the team’s first hair will be the three quartz satellite – McCoy. The Hongpi Program officially announced the first time on Monday on the local time, but if there is no accident, McCay will lead the red skin to go all over the 8th week.

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins won the country’s civil war in the East last week, seven wins and 5 losses and 1 record so that they still retain the playoffs hopes. In the last week, outside the Redskins took over DeShawn Jackson – against his former team to get another milestone in his career: he again won a record 80 yards touchdowns, his career has received 22 times more than 60 yards of passing touchdowns, second only to the outside to take over the Hall of Fame Jerry – Rice (23), ranks second in wholesale nfl Jerseys history. This season, the Redskins quarterback Kirk – Cousins ​​has reported 4045 yards, he is the only active duty may have heard a number of players 4000+ yards in consecutive multiple seasons. Last season he finally yardage is 4166 yards this season, will certainly more than this data.

This contract allows Hopkins to become an union guarantee income. Atlantan Femplay Eagle, Julio Jones and Denver Musaba, Demaryius Thomas, the previous renewal contract guarantee income of $ 35 million.

“This is very different from him in Jacksonville, he can do whatever in the American tiger. And in the ram, he has to follow instructions. He has to listen to (Eric) Wader. This is different. This is a great experience. I hope to have more balls to throw it to us, but when you are staring at the defense, this is hard. “

Griffin III: The team will not force me to take a hurtRobert Griffin III issued a statement on the local time, saying that he would not venture before the ankle injury is not fully recovered. Griffin said: “I am still in the injury recovery period. I have tried to make progress every day. As the saying goes, the big husband can flexate, I will wait patiently.”

This contract is more in line with Hopkins as the position of Texas’ s head. In the case of a poor performance in the team, Hopkins completed 317 battles in the past four seasons to get 4487 yards 23 times.

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