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This is the team’s team in front of the first two ranks in the first two ranks in the 10th week and after the 10th week. The Sea Eagle has achieved 34.3 points this season, and the ram has made the opponent Cheap nfl jerseys from china 19.0 points, promoted 291.9 yards, and six games in the eight games this season allows the opponent to score less than 25 points. Under the Lead of Russell Wilson, the Haiying offensive group exerts a bright eye, enhances the efficiency of the red zone attack and initial offensive. DK-Metcalf and Tayler Lockett’s external connections often make your opponents. The most interesting ram defensive player is a defensive cutaway Aron Donald and a Jalen Ramsey. Ramsea may mainly focus on Metekaw, and Donald has achieved 9 kills this season, and the column of the league, he has made a lot of trouble in the game against the sea eagle, since 2016, the sea eagle I have achieved 30 pressure quarter-off. The Sea Eagle offensive Feng line This season has been made in the past, and they must limit Donald and the ball of ram.

5 Thanksgiving Themes That Will Give Your Jersey A Sweet TwistPerhaps the fans will ask this question before the rest of this season. The defense that once made the Haiye is now a shortcoming of dragging up the team. This season Haiye made the score and the net pass number of the opponent in 8 games in 8 games have exceeded the sum of the 2013 Super Bowl of 16 games. Despite the safety Wei Mamal – Jamal Adams returned in the game, the newly introduced rushing hand Klos Dun Ru (Carlos Dunlap) should be able to gradually adapt to the team, in this game of the harmoniel Combination Quinton Dunbar and Shaquill Griffin may be injured. This undoubtedly increases the pressure of the Habi-defense group, even if they face the recent performance of the genus offensive group.

Analysis: Meng Hu is going to let the road strokes run up, which means they need to work hard in the offensive front line. Meng Hu also requires some outer rush speed to exert pressure on the other’s cutoff. At the same time, the team also needs to focus on line guards to add some sports skills.

4 wins and 6 losses Chicago bear continued their fluctuations. As long as the main force is good, Katler is good, the bear team has the hope of winning. The top of the number one, Al Shang-Jeffri is stable after returning, although there is less than the number of times, but his existence is undoubtedly the object of focus on the opponent, which is beneficial to help other teammates create more opportunities. In the three games of the main running Weimat-Formy absent, the replacement runs to Jerey-Langford performance, and there are at least one of the consecutive games, which is also the bear team. A short two consecutive victories, and 250 yards running ball code and 227 yards have the number of splitter numbers. Another recent player in the bear team is a hurt, and the close-up of the near-end Dawk-Miller, in the game against the ram, he wrapped twice, and the three games after returning have also been taken. The 177 yards and 3 times, the state is hot and can be seen. This season is outside the season, McMiphe, like a fish in 3-4 lineup, the third high defensive score (27.2) in the League (27.2) is enough to explain his value, he will continue to lead the bear defense group to make trouble for packaging.

In fact, Fitz Patrick needs a jet. The jet also needs him, but the contract of 16 million US dollars in the previous year is obviously impossible. Now the best opportunity for him is to accept this contract, and then participate Team training camp.

For the 10th week, prostitutes: Seattle Hawks vs Los Angeles RoofThe other focus of the 10th week is a National Association of Civil War: Los Angeles Rascar to the Seattle Hawks. The victory of this game is very likely to determine the last rankings of the National Association, so it is very important for the two teams. At the same time, this is also the current match between the profitable spear and the most strong shield, and how the two teams will be worth looking forward to.

Message: Jet opens to Fitz Patrick 3 years contract The New York Jet didn’t give them four-point guards Ryan Fitzpatrick he wanted to revenue, according to New York Times, I gave yourself quit a low quotation contract.

In the top 5 games in the top 5 games, the Ramfarn offense advanced 403.6 yards, got 27.2 points, four-point guards reached 108.8, and only 6 mistakes were handed over to the ball. In the last 3 games, the ravefield offensive promoted 384.3 yards, got 19.0, the quarterfielding points were only 78.3, and the number of mistakes in the number of balls was still reached 6 times. Although their fields are currently advancing 394.6 yards, ranking League 6, but the field score (24.1 points) is only ranked 21th. In the game against the Ammy Dolphin, the ram has repeatedly mistakened under the pressure of the opponent. In the face of the poor Habi Defensive Group, the Sea Eagle Defense Group is a good news for the ram offensive group, and they have the opportunity to recover status through this game.

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