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Patriot four points 卫 Cam – Newton: Will not blame the teammatesDuring 12-18, in the game of Denver, the four-point guards Cam Newton and the new England patriots are difficult to steadily advance in the attack.

Braddy, who has served as the University of Michigan, still proud of the alma mater, and the result is a catastrophic consequence. After the alma mater is 27-56, after Braddy is forced to and his patriots, the Michigan University of Visovich is wearing the clothes of Ohio State University. Celebrate the victory of the enemy.

Braddy has always been Brown’s most loyal supporter. We can see if the link between the two is still maintaining. Can Pirates continue to retain Evans-Golden – Brown’s external connections in the new season.

Braddy has also suffered from the hard work of supporting alma mater and teammates. In 2015 and 2016, he was forced to wear clothes from Ohio State University to the team base. In 2012, he was trained in the Ohio State University Jersey, Ohio, Mike Frabel.

Recently, Shannon Sharpe said in the immature performance of Beckham: “Beckham’s behavior can’t understand, his eyes focus on the ball and reaches, but he doesn’t understand his Work is not only these, but also the defensive defense against the opposite side. Sometimes it relies on running to defeat the opponent sometimes other ways. But Beckham believes that his own is the only value of the giant is the ball and reachand When he could not complete these, he would be like this. “I have to do it in the field? “This is the biggest thing for him, but limits him. Because he wants to pick up the number of dollars, the more frustration will.”

Xie Nong – Sharp: Xiaobecham does not know what you have for cheap jerseys giantsThe New York Giants’ external hand Odell Beckham Jr. is the third of the fifth of the league, and the boller reaches the ranks of the ranks of the ranks fourth, and his giants won the past 7 6 games in the game.

Jet defensive core Wilkson or will not participate in training campNew York jet is a lot of break, the main left is distressed Dabakk Xiao-Ferguson (D & # 39; Brickashaw Ferguson) retired, the renewal of Ryan Fitzpatrick is still far away, and Today, there are reports called the team’s defensive core Mohammad Wilkenson will refuse to participate in the summer training camp at the end of July.

According to ESPN, Wilkson will not sign in the team label contract in the short term, and it is likely that the summer official training camp will not be taken at the end of the month, Wilkson hopes to take this forced jet as soon as possible. It can make him satisfied, while the eagle and defensive cut Fletcher Cox (Fletcher Cox) renewal is more difficult to increase the renewal of the jet. Since the current salary space is quite nervous, they have no capital to provide Wilkson to Wilkeson, but because Wilkens has not signed on the team label, even if he refuses to report, The team can’t make a fine of him.

The patriot is currently only 2 wins and 3 losses, which is the first time since the 5th game of the season in the 2001 season. At that time, Tom Brady took office for the first quarter-defense league team finally won 11 wins and 5 negative and won the super bowl of champion. The patriot is currently ranked third in the US Eastern Region.

At least Breddy himself can laugh when it is facing Ohio State University. During the four-part assumption of the University of Michigan to 1999, he won 1 win and 1 loss of results when the start of the enemy. Since he entered NFL in 2000, Ohio State University faced a record of 17 wins and 3-losses in Michigan University.

The raid person will dismiss the defense guards and will hire Marina.In the past year, Brentson Buckner, Brentson Buckner squatted 32 times, compared to the first year of last year’s ranking, the first (13) is not small.

A few days ago, a few days ago, Newton, who returned from the new crown reserve, 157 yards in 25 passes in the game, with an average of 6.3 yards per pass, 4 times were killed, 2 times of passed. In addition, he completed 10 shots to get the top 76 yards and the only time to reach. Newton passed the ball and rarely completed the long pass, only 1 successful passed flying distance exceeded 15 yards.

Perhaps Newton knows that there is a problem with your performance. In the past two games in the past, the Newton has passed only 159.5 yards, and 3 passes were copied, only 1 passed forward. He said that the patriot should pay attention to itself and strive to end the battle.

Betcourse Braddy is forced to celebrate the University of Michigan, OhioIt may be the most wolf of the new England Patriopters, the University of Michigan, the University of Michigan, is the most wolf of Tom Brady.

Barrett and Lavonte David will become free players. External hand Cresndwin is expected to have a new contract with a large salary increase, and if both parties cannot agree, the pirate may use a privileged player label. For example, the NDAMUKONG SUH, External Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) and the Leonard Fournette will also enter the free player market. .

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