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After the two sides failed to sign long, the Jeffrey was a privileged label contract worth $ 14.6 million. He wants to get a level of salary level, and the team wants to give him a contract with an annual salary of $ 11 million.

In mid-April, Wali was arrested by Dr. Wine, holding weapons and disorderly behavior, after he was cut by the eagle. In the raid, he will form a second-line defense together with the former small horse horn, Rashaan Melvin, the veteran Sharise and Marcus Gilchrist . If the first round of the first round of the first round of Karen, Gareon Conley is insufficient, Wooli is likely to be a first angle guard with Melwen.

Jet New Aid Safety Macuo: Will be the best yourself

Safety Braudley – Bradley McDougalds came to the New York jet from the Seattle Hawks in the heavy trading involving Jamal Adams. He is expected to serve Adams.

Assassin signed a corner Dalier Voeli

After the capture of Daryl Worley, the Philadelphia, the signature of the signature of March and the signing of him will be swept away. After a 10th, this once black Leopard is found new home.

“I came here to not replace Jamal. I came here for a brand new beginning, I can’t replace Camm, I can’t replace Earl, but I still found successful way, but here is it Same, “McDu is said. “This is not dependent on me. I don’t want to come to the team and say, & lsquo; you guess how to take over the work of Adams. & Rsquo; No, I have traded, I came here to be the best I can’t make Jiamal. I and Jamal are not the same person. The only thing I can do is to appear every day and become the best Bradley – McDu. “

Titan announced that the safety of safety Wei Borad

Strong Weibarnard-Polad (Bernard Pollar) is over, and it is not sad to him, it will not be sad. On Mondays, Titan announced in Monday. Previously, the contract was left in the contract, Polad was originally available to $ 3.1 million in a next season.

Polad said in an interview with local media: “There is not much time in my career, I hope to have something before retiring.” In the first season of last season, Polad performance was eye-catching, and quickly integrated into the ball. The team’s defensive system. However, in October, Polad tears, which also caused him to end in advance 2014 season. The old man who has entered the league 9 years will just be 30 years old. He hopes to join a more powerful team, before returning.

According to the insider, Polad’s injury has recovered well, and it is almost certain that it will be repeated before the season. This and Titan’s contract is considered a win-win decision. Polle does not look at the development of Titan in the next few years. Titan also hopes to continue the team younger. At present, Polad, a free player has attracted the attention of multiple teams.

After the first stage, the Viking team ranked a wave of smooth offense and successfully attacked the front 10 yards of the steel person’s end zone at the leader of the best in the new season. It is a pity that there is no success to play the fourth gear offense. Bridgewater is good in this wave of attack, and the ball is 5 times, and 44 yards will be taken. The steel people’s substitutes of the four points are slow to enter the state, and the first section is interchanged.

In the end, the Viking team will win 14 to 3. Viking team replaces the four-point Wei Kafka 10 passed 7 66 yards and 1 time, the steel people quad-dimensional Jones 32 completed 16 times, won 135 yards.

On Wednesday, wholesale jerseys US Times reported that the pirates will be with the offense of Donovan – Smith (Donovan Smith) for 2 years, the contract salary is $ 31.8 million, of which 30 million is guaranteed. Defensive Diamada-Soviet (NDAMUKONG SUH) will also re-sign a year, salary of 10 million US dollars.

Both contracts will help the sea to make a salary space to build a better lineup around Braddy. Smith’s original contract will allow him to occupy a salary space of $ 14.25 million in the 2021 season, and the new contract can reduce the salary space to approximately $ 30.8 million. The contract will also include invalid year to share the salary space.

Viking people celebrate the steel man to open the new season

This year is still a prelude to the new season season, the game is held in Canton, Ohio. The Pittsburgh Stebertard has become a team that participates in the scene of this year’s preseason. The team of the famous championship, and participating in the new season, and their opponents are the Minnesota Victorium and last season super. Bowl of New England Patriots. The two sides of this game participated in the attitude of training, the main team of the steel people, such as the four-dimensional Ben Roethlisberger, the outer handlers, Antonio Brown, etc., the Viking team Adere, Adrian Peterson, did not array, the first quarter-off is the second grade player Teddy-Bridgewater. After four sides of the second, third lineup, the final Viking team defeated the steel people in 14-13.

Both sides in the second half are still hit on the road, you will fight for me, and there are not many trees. Until the end of the third section, there is still 4 minutes, the Viking team special service group players batt up to 1 yard from the steel people’s end zone, and run away from Joe Banyard To help the Viking team will expand the leading advantage 14 to 3. Just before the end of the third section, the Pass of the Steel Strong team was copied by the Weijing queue. And the scene of the last section has more than a fierce, and the only two sides have no more trees.

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