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“Why don’t I think I will become the first? Do you think I just join the team (mixed the day)? No, I have never been this in my life,” he said. “In my life, I have always feel that I will become the first running guard. This is why I join the wild horse. If I won’t be the first, why will I stay here? I should stay at home sitting on the sofa.”

Pirates Safety Weverfield is a fine of stunning opponents in superbalsUS Time Saturday, NFL officially announced that due to a ridicule of Taunting, Taunting, Pirate Safety Wei Xiao Aoto Wan – Winfield (Antoine Winfield Jr.) was fined $ 7815.

After the game, Reed explained the reasons why he made this choice in an interview: “We want to grasp the opportunity in the Red District, and we have the opportunity to complete the reachable. In fact, it is only less than 1 yard, We are very close to success. I want to try as much as possible, you must maintain aggression in the game. We can’t give up in this distance. “

Recently, Piteson visited the team of New Orleans, but there is no relevant transaction. The four-point Weijiez Winston, who is Tampawan Pirate, said he is interested in cooperation with Peterson. Pete said that Pete said he interested in the Auckland raid or Seattle Hawk.

Wenfield said in an interview: “That is ridiculed, brothers, I have to do this. When we played, Hill was so in front of us. He was in front of me, and he was more peaceful to me. I It is also very fair. Don’t lie, I feel great. “

This fighter is also a role against Hill. In November, Pirates and chiefs, Hill completed a 75-yard boller to reach, advanced, his nearest defensive player & mdash; & mdash; Wenfield & mdash; & mdash; ratio is a peaceful gesture.

9 wins and 0 negative new England patriots continue to remain unbeaten this season. Main four-point Wei Tem & middot; Braddy still played highlight performance in the incompetence of the main offensive front line, 9 games 3043 yards, 24 passes to reach, 3 times were copied, and the three data were the first, The PFF score is up to 111.1. In the old opponent Pedton & Middot; Manning is old, Braddy is still not easy to maintain a high level. Breddy’s most trusted partner, near-end edue 罗布 & middot; Gulkkovski still maintains the rule of 806 yards and 8 times in the alliance, not only can make trouble in the Red District, but also good at long distance attack Number, GRONK becomes more and more. Although the patriots attacked the wind, but the main running Dian & Middot; Lewis’s season reimbursement and main walking Julian & Middot; Edrman’s regular season reimbursement and defensive grand prize Jiemein & Midd 2; Collins is delayed Also gave the patriot that had been full of wounded soldiers, a layer of shadows, defending forms were not optimistic. The patriot number one-shot hand Yue der & middot; Jones has won 10.5 times this season, and the patriot defensive group he led will continue to stabilize, and continue to maintain its unbeatented records this season at home.

When we last saw Charles healthily for Kansas City, he is one of the top two threats of the Alliance. If he can return, then the wild horse has a big cheap. If the injury continues to harass Charles, then he may need to find other teams to stay in the fall of this fall.

Charles is currently the average number of players in the history of wholesale Nfl jerseys, and he advances 5.5 yards in the 9 seasons. In the 2015 season, he advanced 5.1 yards at 71 times before the cross ligament of the knee. In the three games last season, his state is not as good as before, only 12 shots have been put on average 3.3 yards each time. He needs to prove to the wild horse, it is still the running guards that have been in three consecutive seasons before injury.

The chief coach interprets the reason for the four files before the end of the half.This week, the Chief of Kansas City is 12-20 to the Pittsburgh steel man. This loss is basically discharged to the last hope of the playoffs. At 27 seconds left in the end of the next half, the chief is facing a 4-speed 1 yard from the distance to the opponent area. At that time, the team was backward after 10-6, and they had the opportunity to narrow the difference.

Frightects on Monday: Bill @ 爱国On the eleventh, Monday, I returned to the Meidian East District, and I won the Buffalobier, which was two consecutive victories in the United States and East War, will be a guest champion of the Guest champion. New England Patriors team. The two teams met this season, and the patriots came from the opponent away from the opponent. When they returned to the home, they were still more than that of the patriot.

Peterson is currently looking for the next opportunity and is willing to accept 5 million or even lower quotes, if all conditions are in line with. The prior to Portson expressed only a quote of at least 8 million per year, apparently this is a compromise and change. However, the so-called condition is in line with it, it is believed that at least the competitive team, before he said that the team he will find is stable quartz.

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