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He told reporters: “They ask me: I need a cart, because I watched it very weak in the previous week, so I saw Kadian’s American drama, you know that he is a bulletproof, so I think if Kate is me What do he do? He will stand up and continue to fight, so I stood up and ran to the venue, returned to the game, I don’t know what happened, that is a feeling. “

The Hawie’s first wave attacked, and the basics of the road were basically the road attack and short pass. Wilson only had a distance from the old distance – Baldwen completed the connection, then Jimmy-Glaham easily completed Deta, At that point in time, the Falcon defense or the fourth loss team of the defensive countdown. But don’t forget, the Falcon Caller Dan – Quin is the second disciple of Pete Carol, and their defense has a significant improvement in this season, “Tianlong Babu” Rivie Family has a trick ” The truth of the way, Qi Dynasty seems to be.

“This is our opportunity to give him, another chance, but this is a 1-year contract. If there is no effect, then there is no risk,” Lecht said. “There is no risk.” At the first press conference after Brown, the coach Brruss Alianz said that if Brown provoke any trouble, it will leave the team.

For Brown’s off-site problems, Lecht said that it is 1 year of $ 1 million in Brown, which does not guarantee the income, which can take them in the case of Brown unable to integrate into the team or have an external issue.

“But my body feels very good. I think training is very smooth. I have been working with the player. We have been training with a very fast rhythm. I have been doing things like usually. So I am really disappointed, it is also very Surprised, sometimes worried and scared. But honestly, I feel very good. I am looking forward to accepting treatment, follow the doctor’s advice, then rehabilitation from cancer. “

Manzell announced that “counting money celebration” becameJohnny Manzie announced in the US Time announced on Wednesday that he will formally retire himself to the iconic celebration action. Obviously the four-segment of Cleveland Brown will no longer do a few monthly movements to celebrate.

Washington coach Luo Rivi: Cancer diagnosis makes you downRon Rivera (Ron Rivera) was confirmed by cancer, but he said on Friday that he was ready to “accepted the opportunity to handle this matter and ready to continue coaching.”

“I have spent a great summer. I am really like this. We took a rest for about 20 days. We went to California to visit your family. I accepted the new crown virus to detect this. I can visit my parents. I visited my brother and them. Family. So really went to a great place, then returned home, unfortunately, I confirmed cancer. “

“Honestly, I am a bit anger,” Rivira said. “I am not sure how this happens. This is the time I feel is most healthy for a long time. Honestly, I have lost some weight. I have been working with the right way.”

End League Division Series, meaning the final competition for the Super Bowl team only four, all strong defensive attack the weak teams have been home on leave, while the remaining four teams quarterback are: Brady, Ryan Rogers and Big Ben, almost four league’s best. The final regular season MVP award from the earlier time, is still uncertain whether the polls closed, but Brady, Ryan Rogers and goals, certainly more than just winning the prize, but to get a bowl.

Manzell said: “The actions of the money are no longer returned, I will not do anymore.” In fact, this action is considered to be actions that need a punishment. Now our second-grade four-defense is obviously going to say goodbye to the past, not only to live in the past, but he has learned a lot in the past 12 months.

He said: “Last year is last year, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys that is the previous thing, now for me, I tried to continue, open the new chapter of life, people who don’t do pride, but they are only no longer returned.” Manzell’s celebration Action retirement also implied a positive aspect, but he didn’t just learn maturation as a professional athlete, but also became a young man.

Tampa Bay Pirates and External Antonio Brown Signed for 1 year, let him return in 14 months away from the stadium, but also let the four points of Tom Brady and their favorite players side by side. Fight.

Rivira will receive 5 days a week, and the entire course of treatment takes 7 weeks. He said that the doctor recommended himself to continue working with “good rhythm, smart rhythm”. When he is absent, the defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio will take the team.

Many people think that Bill Bellcheck is the most proud disciple is Nick Saipan, which is true, which is true, can Belick’s successor? One is the current defensive coordinator Mat-Patricsia, and the other is the Dezhou people’s defensive coordinator Romeo-Krener, this season, he made no JJ Watt’s Dezhou defensive group became the first defense of alliances, this field He also succeeded in snios and sniper the attacked the old people. In the pavement defense, the whole patriot is only a mediocre performance of the 98 yard, it looks at the half, and the 9th rushed 19 yards is equal to it to the transmissal of the emperor of this season. It is completely scrapped, “blocking the road”, this is the first to be the first thing Beli Check defense, but I was used by the apprentice.

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