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After Joe Mixon, Bernard took the team’s mission, and the first game was first played (the new career is high). However, his data can only be said that it is unmorinated, 124 shock push into 416 yards, the ball is relatively good: 47 games advance 355 yards.

This year’s 29-year-old Bernard is a two-year show in 2013. The career is a tiger effectiveness. He watched 115 games, and he pushed 3697 yards, reached 22 times. In addition, Bernard has also completed 342 times, promoted 2867 yards, reached 11 times.

“Today is the first day we allow him to return to the training,” Samunan said, “On the same day, he made tactical drills with others (except four-point guard), and other tactics. He has been carrying the drill of tactical route But today is his first day to return to the course training, and 11 pairs of 11 confrontation. “

Romo brushs new Dallas denim history pass recordOn Sunday, there was a new name in the Darlas Cowboat, and Tony Romo took 25 yards in the Championships of Indiana, surpass Troj-Akman. (TROY AIKMAN) became a new record holder of the new trend of the denim history.

In the era of current passed, Romo is very easy to reach, but it is necessary to pay attention to Romo to this record, and 37 games needed to be less than I Akman, and the number of passes is 550 times. Romo is also only 109 times, and Akman is 141 times.

Last year, after Viking in Minnesota, after the passing ability of his double threat, McKinnon was a 49-year 30 million contract with 49 people in March this year, and he will be in the first season of the 49 people. Plays an important role in it, but it is necessary to wait for this role.

Running Bell said that it will get along with the steel man’s fanThis week, the Pittsburgh steel man will be a guest New York jet, which is also the first place where the Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell will start. Although he and the old elements have played a lot of disputes due to contract issues, Bell believes that they may still be welcomed.

49 people ‘s head coach Kyle Shanahan describes the tear of Meccuzon’s cross ligament torn after training. He changed its last drill in this training (catching the ball). “Salunan said,” because there is no physical contact, directly landing, landing posture is ten noiographic twists (leading to the cross ligament tear). “

49 people need to deal with Matt Breida shoulder injury, in the second grade Mami-McKards (Jeremy McNichols) and New Showgered – Wilson (Jeff Wilson JR) , After Joe Williams, the early experience of the season, Alfred Morris, will become the main firepower of the team.

Champion Meers – Galt: will lead Cleveland to turn overIn the end, Cleveland has no trading yuan sign and no selection of quarterfield. They were selected by the unanimous thinking of the best players of the best players, MYLES GARRETT.

“Probably it will be half half.” Bell guess the fans’ reaction, “I am very happy to see me again, I still like me, the other half hate me, hate me, despise me. But I will get along with everyone, if Someone wears my jersey, I will sign him, it should be very interesting. “

“When I heard the declaration, I really looked up because I have been working hard and I can know where I will go. I know which opponents I will face in the future,” Galt on Thursday, ESPN Express. “It is time to continue to work hard to let me be prepared to face the best player.”

Bell is a steel man in 2013, not only the ball is advancing, and the ball is equally good. In the five-year career of the steel man, Belwashing pushes 5336 yards, picking up 2660 yards, averaging 129 yards, the best in the same period.

Jackson told reporters: “I really have this idea, and repeat it several times with him, I can be in the game, I can go to the field, no matter what he lets me. Focus on the defensive group and the attack, but if he allows I tried it, I will be very happy, the firepower is full. “

The difficulty of now is coming: Help change a fate of a seasons team since the first day of the 1995 New Year. At that time, Gret did not even have born, but he plans to help Brown won the next playoff.

Jackson also turned off the offensive group during the college, in three seasons, he completed 39 games and 15 shots. Last season, he also participated in the five-stage offense, became the first eight games in Mike Renfro (1966 season), but also completed at least 50 yards. .

Titan Horn Jackson intends to try to attack off-attack groupsNew show season, Tamato, Adoree & Rsquo; Jackson, Participate in the defensive number of alliances, second, second only to the original Lique safe, Tyran-Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu). His role does not need many characters, from the inside to the outside, and then go to the kick attack, defense and the live group live. Now, the arrival of Mike Vrabel has made Jackson a new idea, he wants to try the offensive group.

How to Wear The Replicas of The Sporty Sublimated Jerseys? Here are Some Tips! - Oasis Sublimation : The Top-Rated Wholesale Sublimated Clothing Manufacturer“They pick me because they feel that they see special things on me, they know that I can help them rebuild and change their fate,” Galt said. “This is our mentality. cheap Jerseys From China the new season, we can make a picture, not just a player, and we really can achieve the mind of the goal. I know that the players in the team have the same mentality. I will spread this The mentality. I will be ready to do this. “

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