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In the era of current passed, Romo is very easy to reach, but it is necessary to pay attention to Romo to this record, and 37 games needed to be less than I Akman, and the number of passes is 550 times. Romo is also only 109 times, and Akman is 141 times.

Carol: Give Wilson’s contract does not mean rebuilding the teamSeattle Hawks will have the renewal of Russell Wilson after the end of this season. Although his contract is another year, the Hawk has decided to lock this champion quarter-off. It is reported that the Hawk plans to provide Wilson with a contract worth more than 100 million, or even the highest payroll. This can’t help but let people think of Baltimore Crow in renewal of Joe-Flak (Joe Flacco) to rebuild the team due to the choice of wage capabilities.

Just in the jet defensive coordinator, Greg Williams, said that the safety Wei Mamar Adams will be very bored on the sea eagle defensive system, the sea eagle coach Pitte-Carol (Pete Carroll) made a roam.

The first round of Xiuye ​​took over Korman Coleman will become the number of the team’s number one, and Andrew Hawkins is the exterior of the team only. Four-wheeled Xiu Dica – Louis (Ricardo Louis), five-round Show Jordon and another five-wheeled Xirad-Higgins will compete to get the play time. From the quarterly hypervisor, Trelle Pryor is still an unexpected choice for external walking position.

This decision is not surprising. This 29-year-old external hand is difficult to pull the bulls in the past few seasons and is difficult to get more info the opportunity to get a rotation appearance in an external handup in one of the shallowers of the union lineup. In the only season of Hatlan, the only season of Hatlands, the only season of 12 games, completed 46 codes, 523 yards.

Romo brushs new Dallas denim history pass recordOn Sunday, there was a new name in the Darlas Cowboat, and Tony Romo took 25 yards in the Championships of Indiana, surpass Troj-Akman. (TROY AIKMAN) became a new record holder of the new trend of the denim history.

Carol told reporters in broadcasting: “That is said: We will not make so many mistakes like him. Let us wait for him to reply. No more you can come to a & lsquo; InterContinental Wars & Rsquo; and definitely interest. “

The sea eagle has two weeks ago to obtain safe Wei Adams, adding a best lineup level player for their landmark Cover 3 system. Adams is expected to serve as strong guides, and use themselves to have a 12-way killing ability to help the team.

Ten Mountain is easy, keep the Jiangshan difficult, the same is true for the Hawks. High-paying Wilson will inevitably hit the wage cap will also cause some players to leave. Can you grasp the balance between them, and it will be largely determined whether the Hawks will continue to maintain strong.

Two Pitterson of the red scitch absent on Thursday After running the defection of Adrian Peterson, Patrick Peterson also did not participate in the training, and the two were only waiting on the side on Thursday, without playing.

Peterson’s defense ordered opponents. According to statistics, the quarter from this season only passed 43 times in Pitters, which also made him the only person who has been involved in the corner of the 400-dimensionally above the game without more than 50 people.

The local time on Thursday, the head coach Pete Carroll said that the same thing will not be born on the Hawie. Carol said: “Some teams often change the team because of economic issues, but we will not. All contracts are in control, we will not choose rebuilding, will only be on the original basis, in us Continue the construction team within the control range. “Carol knows, wants to leave a star player, means that the team must give up some of the other players. But as a main coach, Carol believes that the team can make a correct decision.

Gilmoor was tested infected with new crown viruses after the patriots were lost in the fourth week of the Chief of Kansas City, and the Newton was also diagnosed infected with the game in this game. Therefore, it was absent the game. Since the patriot of the aviation, the patriot has not participated in the competition. Due to the previous weekend team once again diagnosed cases, the Patriot was postponed for the fifth week of the Malaysia.

The four-dimensional Weum Newton was removed from the team from the new crown reserves on Wednesday, while Stephon Gilmore was also removed from the new crown reserver on Thursday. The two participated in the complete training on Thursday, which allowed them to play the next game on Dain Buddha Wild Horse as planned.

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