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Cook was a highlight at the time of the other saints this season, and he took 19 balls in the last 4 weeks, and moved toward the 85-time 880 yards in the season. Cook won 73 yards on the road on the road and has a total of 4 times. He let the coach have more choices in the offensive tactics, but this season is not seen. And this also made him hit the latest opportunity to attack this year.

“Yes, I think that in some attack and defensive, everyone did not play 110% before the thorns of the thorns,” Kareem Hunt “was said before the end of the complete offensive and defense. “If we want to succeed, we have to play all.”

Washington is expected to take Jeremy Reapes to serve the first guard, and Acapk serves as a substitute. Rivis is activated in 10.27 to a big list, and the vacancies of strong Guowen Collins (Landon Torn).

[Special Service Group] Member of the special service coaching groupTechnical group coach is responsible for each special group, including: abandoning the kick, abandoning the attacking group, shooting group, the kickroom, and the kickback attack group.

Hunter gave this comment very interesting because he only came to the next half of the season, and Brown’s performance in the second half is actually better than the first 8 games. They will face the Baltimore Crow and Cincinnati. Hunter seems to think that it is time to let reporters know their own ideas.

At present, the 4th Saint Sagad 4 wins and 6 negatives with the Atlantian Falin Eagle, and if it is unable to get the National Linan District champion will certainly have no future playoff. After losing the 49 people last week, he defeated many problems, and this week, he got 10 points in the home of the squad.

NFL media sources Ian Rapople confirmed by two reliable sources, in the game of Sinnati Tiger team on Sunday, Cook wounded. The official news of the Alliance shows that the Saint team puts Cook in the list of injuries reserved in the season.

The defensive group contributed outstanding four contributions to Washington past, Efrett as a sanitary effect. He instead of the original first Troy-Acipk (Troy apke) in the sixth week, a total of 31 hugs in 6 games, 4 times destroyed.

US time on Tuesday, according to cheap Nfl jerseys NetWork reporters reported that Bennet did not participate in Tuesday’s training, and have been banned by the team from participating in the team’s activities, because “implementation of harmful behavior against the team.”

Brown Run Hunter: The whole team in the game is not full of efforts at some time.The season has entered the last month, but Cleveland Brown did not get any joy to enter the playoffs as expected before the season.

We don’t look at the performance of the Seattle Hawks who have excellent passes defense, and we don’t think Habbao & mdash; & mdash; or Gore & Mdash; & mdash; will stay in the team after the end of the season. The rhythm of 49 people’s offensive group will move from the mushroom to the pass.

Gore: It is difficult to find the rhythm in the 49-person offensive groupAt the head of Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco received a reputation of the opponent with a mushroom. But this season didn’t have this.

After the number of scorpion codes for 3 consecutive season, the Runfran Gore, which has been undertaking a lot of workload, Frank Gore, which is difficult for the 49-person offensive group, which is feweled. They showed bad when they play only 2 victorious Auckland raids. Before the start of this season, 49 people hoped to adjust the number of Gore to make this 31-year-old player kept vitality, but he averaged 14.8 times per game this season. 14.8 times a few times & mdash; & mdash; he has the lowest since he since 2005 One & mdash; & mdash; has achieved the opposite effect.

Not just Gore, the whole 49 people offensive this season is difficult to look directly. One of the most creative offensive systems of the Alliance is slow heat and since the seventh week, the ranking is ranked in the field.

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