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Attacking and defense, all-end compression of the sea eagle, easily abuseOn August 23, Wholesale Jerseys Beijing time, the third week of the 2014 season, the defending champion Seattle Hawks broke the Chicago Bear Team with 34-6 hit by 34-6 hit by the powerful strength and the devil’s home advantage.

New York Jet This season’s season winning rate exceeds 50%, but it is only 3 wins and 5 losses at the end of the past. The team is chaotic, no core star player is one of the biggest drawbacks of this team. The jet quarter-saving Sanshi-McCane played a rumor, as of now, the success rate of the passed high reached 70.5%, ranking second in the league. In the last four consecutive games, McCahn can reach more than 60% of the pass success rate, and can also send at least 2 times, with this highlight, McCon’s league edge 4 defense Can leave your own name in NFL history. The second grade of the jet Robby – Anderson gradually became the main weapon of McCaun, and he got the first 100-yard competition in the career last week and got up. With the efforts of two alliance small characters, the jet will defend their glory at the metropolis court?

[Event Prevent] Ninth Week Thursday Night Same Bill @ jetThe regular season came to the ninth week. After experiencing a large trip period, the various teams were also reinforcing the last moment. This week’s Thursday night game, between the two teams in the Meidian Eastern Region, the current Buffalo Bier, the current Guest New York, rated New York jet.

Romo has done the best he could do, he never stopped trying, his career even more unfavorable, but still lucky enough, when he retired to his people, I believe the history of “the best team one “evaluation from the heart, that top” elite quarterback “do not wear the hat, I am afraid that is not so important.

Minnesota Weijing defended Danielle Hunter became the best defensive player of China. In the 20-7 defeat of the Detroit Lion, Hunter got 3 kills 7 times. He became the top player who kicked more than 50 times since he became official statistics in 1982. He has now achieved 52.5 killing.

Warner responded to Dukot’s petition on the twitter: “You are simply to be a life, don’t make a joke!” If I think I have the ability, I will not help! “Just kidding, red tick I really need to consider their quadrant. Although it has been determined to rank among the playoffs, the competition is not over, and their opponents next week is Seattle Hawks.

Denver wild horse defensive guards Carrim Jackson became the best defensive player of the United States. He played out in the 38-24 defending Houston Texas. In addition to obtaining 11 times, 1 case has caused the number of damage to the number and 3 destroyed passes, he also got a copy of the copy and 1 time to rush back the ball right to attack 70 code.

The wild horse announced that this quarter is cut off. John Elway, General Manager, said: “This is the decision of the entire team. In view of all news, with the head coach Wansheph and President Joe Ellis) After the communication, we think that CCD is the most correct decision. Although Chad is no longer a member of the team, we will still do our best to help him. “

2015, Romo injured in the second week, followed by the fifth week after the team lost at home to the Patriots game, Romo went to plaster the center of the field, clapping and Tom Brady, Brady said of Romo, See you in February . Only four wins that season denim is certainly not likely to meet in February with Brady, but to say that Romo is presumably better than anyone eager to stage the self-evident right.

The two sides have the first half of the main force, although it is just a preseason, but the defending champion does not put water. The first wave of offensive is from the beast to Marshawn Lynch. When the race of Russell Wilson, the flexible mobilization of the bear defensive group defense, this game has achieved a total of 202 yards to advance, 2 passes reachable and 1 time Ball, led the offensive group, all the way. The defensive group also effectively presses the counterattack of the bear team through 2 killing. The bear offensive group is not willing to be zeroed, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, this is one of the most extensive portfolies in the Alliance, there is a “bang army” in the Hawks The defense second-line strict staring is still struggling to take 8 battles. In the last half of the first half, the bear team once passed through the near-ended Matruce-Bentet (Martellus Bennett), and the long distance of Jay Cartelr is advanced to the sea eagle. The front 1 code line in the terminal area. However, the Haiying Horn Jeremy Ren Ren (Jeremy Lane) then copied Carter’s pass, let the bear team loses a loss. At the end of the first half, the Hawks have achieved a large score advantage of 31-0.

No matter how soft feel Romo’s pass, after the line to avoid the sack how flexible pace, also regardless of how high his ball Offers business, how well the bigger picture, he always had people really did not get the recognition, because people will say you are not elite quarterback ah.

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