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Binary Options Signals Review: vfxAlert. Today I’m looking at a free binary options signal service is designed for every level of trader, vfxAlert . The creators of this service provide their signals as forecasts, and believe the traders should still make a “final choice based on their own observations and wallstreet forex robot coupon code notes.” So, they don’t want traders to use the signals directly, but use them as either a primary or secondary role in the decision-making process.

Basically, don’t rely on the signals without doing your own analysis. The creator of the software is Aleksandr Miolyuk. He is located in Russia, and can be contacted via email at am@vfxalert.com . vfxAlert Review. The vfxAlert signal application comes with 3 different strategies, short-term, top forex robot reversal and trending . The application uses historical calculations to create statistical probabilities on whether or not their signals are going to be successful, this can be seen in the form of a signal power bar.

It looks much like a reception strength, and is the main factor in indicating whether or not a signal is likely to be profitable. You can use the alerts from the webpage, or you can download the application which gives you signal suggestions right next to the brokerage trade screen. This type of technology, is standalone at this point in the binary options market. Inside the application, traders will choose their strategy, the broker their trading with, and then they will start to receive signals.

The appearance of the application, and it’s ingenuity is impressive, but I’m not as confident about the signal quality. The Listed Capabilities and Strengths of the App. Heatmaps Extended Statistics Mailing Signal Service Any Broker $30 Pro Plan. The price of the vfxAlert services is quite low at just $30 per year . The creators of this service hope the traders register with binary options brokers through their website to help supplement their income with affiliate conversions.

The original price of $30 per year looks like it’s just a way to get traders through the door. There is nothing wrong with this marketing strategy. Trading Results and Strategic Discussion. The most important part of every single one of my reviews, is the results section. This is the section where I analyze what the signal provider can prove. In this case, despite being in business for close to a year, there are no trading results . I appreciate that there is a forum section on the website that allows traders to voice their opinions and get help from the creators, but this doesn’t make up for the lack of results and strategic discussion.

Not only do we have no clue what type of accuracy rate the vfxAlert signals are providing, but we also don’t know what type of trading principles are being utilized to determine the signals.

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