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Это крутое словосочетание!) and stressful working conditions mean that physical activity is no longer part of either our work or our leisure time. The variety of sports that could be offered would cater for all ages, levels of fitness and interests: those with painful memories of PE at school might be happier in the swimming pool than on the football pitch (А это супер слово означает футбольное поле). Advocates of this believe that todays sedentary lifestyle (WOW! Order an Essay with No Plagiarism. Can I choose between British English and American English? If there were easy to-reach local sports centres, we would be more likely to make exercise a regular part of our lives, rather than just collapsing in front of a screen every evening.

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With a strong grip on the quilt, my grandmother signals me to get her sewing basket that sits in the corner collecting dust. Aren’t we living in a crazy world, eh? She runs her hands over the patches one last time and finds an unfinished seam. I graduated from Claremont McKenna College in 2005 with a Master’s degree in Political & Social Science. Hey, my name is Spence and I’m pretty well-versed in writing papers related to politology, social science, and psychology. Now, when she visits our home, as she reaches for her glasses and pushes her walker away from the table, my grandmother asks me to bring her the quilt. She smiles and says, “Cerrar la costura y hacer una colcha de su propio ” — close the seam and make a quilt of your own. The jeweled hands that were once accustomed to constant stitching are now bare, and the scars are hidden under every wrinkle. Psychology is my other passion, which I’m always looking forward to indulging in!

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