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Brown Rectors Galt: Excited can have more freedom in the new defense system

Beijing July 19th “freedom!”

This may not only “brave heart” Central William-Wallace screaming before the end, may also be Cleveland Brown defensive end Melis Galrett to achieve more in the third season of career. Good performance method.

According to the Cleveland media, after Greg Williams, Greg Williams, Greg Williams, is very exciting to get more freedom in the defensive system.

“I hope I can have more freedom to become a player I want to be,” Galt said. “Greg’s requirements are more like: & lsquo; you have won confrontation by these two movements. I don’t want to see you have any other action. & Rsquo; I only rely on two actions. I feel that you can’t always be so easy to predict. arrive.”

“You can want to have more strong and more fast, how strong, but you can do it in the speed or strength of your strength. You have to mix your skills. Sometimes you have a small step, sometimes you have to Go to the inside, you have to have some pattern. You have some freedom to see different techniques, we have not always had such freedom before. “

Only the decision of Grett uses two actions may not sound so much. Let Galt use only two actions to allow a young player to perfect your skills before using other action. But last season Galert seems to get rid of the restraint. The preamble is a 13.5-time killing, selection of professional bowls and the best lineup.

Galt has been within easy reach of the leader of the league. The team has replaced the defensive coordinator wholesale jerseys and wholesale jerseys is expected to give him more free, Galt can achieve more excellent performance in the new season.

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