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The red scitch takes away cheap football jerseys from china Kirk: The team passed the ball to let the opponent

Arizona Red Loun Kristian Kirk has not been trained together with the new teammate Dian Deli-Hopkins, cheap nike nfl jerseys but he already has a chance to understand the latter. .

Old will take the exterior of the Larry Fitzgerald, which was previously invited to join the teammates and the external classes. David Raih. Kirk said that Hopkins “already integrated”. This time I met, Kirk thought they would establish a “close relationship” after returning to the court.

Kirk also felt that Hopkins will make your opponents more difficult to focus on Red Roking.

“This is a bit like two difficulties,” Kirk said. “The opponent defensive group must be planned before we have before we have made great contributions to us. When you have such a player on the court, you have to put your attention on the 10th hand. This will be very interesting. “

The next step of the red rumor taken is to train with the Kyler Murray. If they can cooperate with tacit understanding, cheap nfl jerseys china then the new season’s Red Spirit Pass will rank the foreigners.

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