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The popular people choose Joe-Bro: have the ability to affect the tiger’s draft decision

Whether Joe Burrow from Louisiana State University will be effectively used by the team after Eli Manning, Eli Manning in 2004?

After gaining the David O’Brien Award symbolizing the best university in the country, it was widely believed that Bo, who became this year’s draft-shaped championship, causing a guess during an interview.

“I have an impact on the ability,” Bo said. “They have their processes, I have mine. We haven’t gotten the camp yet. There will be a lot before the draft, there will be many information will be collected.” But he did not explain it in detail.

“At present, I am focused on becoming the best player. I am in this unique situation. You can see my game video. I don’t have to prove yourself in the university show day and body measurement, so I am in a unique The situation, I can focus on preparing for the new season. “

In the case where the rookie contract salary is approximately fixed, the influence of Bo’s impact may be used to tell Cincinnati to fight for them. Many people suggest that Bo has taken this attitude.

Broad, wholesale jerseys Bo, Ohio, believes that “is an interesting idea” and “it will be very fun.” But when you are asked if you want to be tiger effectiveness, his answer is “I want to play So, no matter which team picks me & mdash; & mdash; I am a player, I will play. “

Bolo also said that he would participate in physical measurement, but it is uncertain to how much item will participate. Of course, when the body test is started, cheap nfl jerseys from china the outside world will be placed in his future instead of the body side project.

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