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Falcon, Jones, said that Jones will not find an excuse wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys for sale it.

In the afternoon of Sunday, cheap Denver Broncos jerseys online the Falcon 17-20 regrets the black panther, and the external hand cheap Green Bay Packers jerseys online that is off-hand in the key ball, Julio Jones, is difficult to blame.

When the Fourth Front Falcon is backward, Jones gets the opportunity to go off-the-counter-off. But he did not take a stable ball, resulting in a 39-yard pass to blow. After the game, Jones said that he “won’t find excuse”, this should be a ball to reach.

“I missed a chance, just like this.” Jones said, “I don’t worry about how others say. I am playing cheap nfl jerseys for sale my teammates. & Hellip; & hellip; under the condition, I should have a better performance.”

Jones ended 6 batches in the game and obtained 118 yards. Although even if this time is completed, the false eagle does not necessarily be defeated, but at least the chance of reversal can be improved.

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