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Wild Hemoching Hand Feng – Miller: After infected new crown, I have considered exiting the new season.

Von Miller is one of the earliest public disclosure of the big players who have been infected with neoquap pneumonia. This disease experience made him once considered to withdraw wholesale jerseys from china the new season.

Miller with asthma is thinking about what may happen this year and whether it may be infected with new crown pneumonia, but he finally believes that NFL’s epidemic prevention regulations reduce the risk of repeated infection.

Miller revealed that the new crown virus made himself lose olfactory and taste and let him lose her appetite, resulting in a loss of 15 pounds (6.8 kg). He also said that he spent a period of time cheap jerseys for sale training to strengthen strength and endurance.

Rehabilitation experience after new crown pneumonia makes Miller think about his career, leaders role, and people who want to become in the future.

“I tell other people, I love them,” Miller said. “I said & lsquo; hey, I love you. I thank you cheap jerseys for sale” I will not feel embarrassed. Because you will never really know, at this time, I think I must tell others, I love them. “

Thinking in the rest of the break, Miller decided that he needs to be a better leader. He said in the past, he relied on General Manager John Elway or teammare Demarcus Ware as a leader.

But now he will lead the team in its own way.

“How many of me have escaping such stress,” Miller said. “I feel that I will take a leader in my own way … I want to be an interesting leader.”

After returning to health, Miller expects to express rebound in the new season. If he can achieve the expectation, then the wild horse has the ability to become a black horse team.

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