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Sea Eagle Safety Slele: Good health, good condition

Seattle Hawks Star Safety Wei Kam Chancellor nfl jerseys cheap is injured in the super bowl, cheap nfl jerseys from china once a rumor shows that he takes longer to recover from injuries. However, in the current point of view, Qifusler’s physical condition is very good, cheap jerseys online he participated in all training programs in the team training camp.

Qifusler said: “I think this offense is the best term after I entered the alliance. I can participate in all the training during the period, not the surgery. I feel good, I can return to the training ground.” On, I think I am faster, stronger than before. “

As one of the best strong guides in the Alliance, Qifusler is an indispensable player in the defense line of the sea eagle. The style of his competition is active and fierce. In addition to the famous ground defense, his coverage in the last season has also improved significant progress. In the playoffs, the sea eagle injury is constantly, but the players have insisted on the last moment. During the tour, Qusler’s injury problem has touched every fans, so he has healed. The new season, we may see a more powerful money.

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