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Cancellation: change to a fine of $ 70,000

This weekend, the Detroit Lion will challenge Dallas Cowgirl in the outer card. Local time Tuesday, the lions got a good news: the pre-defending end of the defending end of the defenders, the appellation of NDAMUKONG SUH. The alliance canceled his banned punishment and changed to a fine of $ 70,000.

Cheap NFL Jerseys official website reporters revealed that based on the latest banned regulations published in the first half of the season, Aaron Rodgers was the first suspected violent behavior in the Sino. The alliance judged that it should not be punished in the ban on its prevention, and thus changed its penalty.

Previously, Rogers said that he was confident that Su is deliberately stressed, but not the “accident” that Su Su. Rogers said: “If you step on other players, your first reaction should be lifted, look back, apologize. But Su Qi did not do this.” As Rogers said, Su was stepped on the Rogers, but the other foot Lift it, press the body weight on the legs of Rogers.

The 2011 season Su has been punished by the arm of the front of the Green Bay packaging worker. One year later, Cheap Jerseys From China he was fined $ 30,000 because of the foot of Houston Texas, who was kicked, Matt Schaub. From 2010, Su has been fined 8 times.

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