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Steelman coach Tomlin is optimistic about employing minority reward mechanisms

Among the recent rules adjustments, there is a lot of attention to the clubs, cheap jerseys from china nfl jerseys or pre-adjustment of the clubs, NFL or pre-tuning, hired to hire ethnic minorities.

Steelman coach Mike Tomlin did not dispel this change, he said when participating in the show: “Usually our method is to take punishes for the team that does not interview minority candidates. This anti I have a way to give a reward method, I like it very much, I can encourage the development and hire the team. “

“We know that this system is not perfect & mdash; & mdash; minority does not get enough opportunities, so we are trying to make changes. We are also trying to find the most appropriate incentive way & hellip; & hellip; I recognize now still controversial space But I like these ideas very much. “

In the initial draft of the League, the team hired a minority coach to teamed up 6 signed, and ethnic minority trainers gave a compensation sign.

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