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The high school coach in Plestt is very confident to him.

Dallas Cowboy’s Subtock 4 points, Dak Prescott, will become the person who replaces Tony Romo to complete tactical instructions on the field.

Ples Tottte’s high school coach told reporters: “Dako has been confident in the game, he is the full team to prepare the most people, he is the leader of training, he I can get respect for other players, I can foresee he he is on the professional court. “

Plestt completed 454 yards passing 5 reached 5 reacons in 3 games, 78% of the pass success rate, cheap oakley holbrook and his personal holding ball running up.

We don’t sure what is his regular season, but I believe that he will make the cowboy’s offensive group performance, cheap oakley sunglasses china at least will not be as bad as the last season lacks Romo.

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