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The first week of the preseason, wholesale jerseys the first week of the season

For the strict law enforcement of defensive passed rules, the number of fouls in the first week of the preseason has arracted.

ESPN’s John Clayton statistics, calculated that in the 17th episode of the John, ILLEGAL Contact. In contrast, only 37 new decisions were issued in the last season. We observed 53 defensive Holding in the first week of competition. Compared with the following regular season, there are 171 defensive flies fouls.

what does this mean? Ok, it is clear that the alliance is using the referee to communicate an information to the team in these unrelated elegant games.

In essence, wholesale nfl jerseys online the preseason race is used to drive the defensive players to give up the actions that do not meet the new defensive regulations, and the new defensive regulations further limit the body contact in the area after the 5 yards of the kick. This explains why Buffalo Bell’s defensive players are trained with boxing gloves and the defensive players of the St. Louis Rasquety are training tennis.

Peter King of Sports Pictorial said he was told the Alliance Program in his Monday Morning Quarterback column. “In the preseason, it is closely cheap jerseys free shipping to punish the punishment.” Will this situation continues The regular season is still an unknown.

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