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Wild horse safe Weishi Ximez believes that the team is close to the seasons

In February 2016, the wild horses won the fifty-session. After a few months, they selected Safety Wei Justine, wholesale jerseys Simmons in the third round of the draft.

But the road after the wild horses is not smooth, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping last year they ranked easily in the US west partition, and there was no playoffs. But on Thursday’s broadcast show, Simmus said to reporters that they believe that the wild horses have a chance to fight for a seasons in the 2021 season.

Simmons said: “I feel very close. I finally have such a year, the coordinator is in place, everyone is familiar with the system and tactics & mdash; & mdash; whether offense, defense, or special group. I feel very close This year, I am also very excited. Since I enter the Alliance, I have been looking forward to (playoffs) & mdash; & mdash; 9 wins and 7 losses are the closest. So I am very expected this season. “

Mustang’s current defensive lineup is almost impeccable. The first round of Shikou Wei Patrick-Surtin II is worth looking forward to, Simmount is one of the best security guards in the Alliance. The defensive front line of Von Miller and Bradley Chubb is also enough to make the opponent’s heart. External lineups and running guards have also been prepared, and the remaining problem is Dru Rock (Drew Lock) and Teddy Bridgewater who can compete for wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys free shipping the first quarter.

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