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49 people coach Salunan: Will continue to find quad-saving

San Francisco 49 people have signed 2 quadrants in the free player market. But these two will not be the quarterback of the final join the team.

The top five players ranked around March and 2020, 2019 were Mahms, Breddy, Baltimore Crow 4 卫 拉 Marri Jackson (Lamar Jackson), Dallas denim ran 卫 齐基基Ezekiel Elliott and Cleveland Bakery Bayek Metfield.

“We will continue to look for,” said Salunam Friday. “You rarely use 2 quarter guards to participate in the training camp. So I think we will also sign more quarter-free. I don’t know if it will pass the free player market or draft, but will pass each possible channel. We Will not limit our search job. “

From the entire list, the four-guard occupied mainstream is not accidental. Among the top 28 players, there were 15 quarters. The highest non-offensive group players in the surrounding sales are Chicago Bear Wi-Khalil Mack, ranking eighth.

Miles from the University of Miami, in 2005, the sixth round was selected by the wild horse, and started his career. He became the first center and joined Texas in 2008. At that time, the Gary Kubiak, who was a coach in Texas, was working with him when serving as a wild horse offensive coordinator.

Quickly signed Hoyel and Barkeli strongly mean that Samunhan will not plan to use the eyeballs this year. If he believes that there is no more potential for this year’s rookie, he will become the only person who makes this judgment.

After the injury was injured in the 2013 season and the 2014 season, it has returned to health in Engram in the past two seasons, and the first 32 games have been taken in 18.5 killing and dedication. Last season he and the best defensive player Carrier Mac Mack became only in the past two seasons. Every season, it took at least 50 times to hold 8 times.

Of course, 49 people will continue to find quadruplicate. Salunam was found in 49 people not to let the fans received only 3 wins in the last season quarter-off lineup. Hoyel is a feasible stop loss program with first experience, and Barley has also flash performance in the last season. But 49 people hoped that Salunan can identify and cultivate long-term solutions at the quadrant position.

In the first battle in the season, it is a greater contribution to the Saint Defense Group. In the second week of competition, when the defensive group is difficult to effectively block the raid attack, Bris and offensive groups are difficult to keep up with the opponent’s score.

At August, ESPN also reported Gordon’s considering team events before the season, until returning to the team to ensure that they entered the free player market next year. It seems that this is his current plan. He will be fined by absence team events.

But when the game ends, it is clear that the Saint Offense Group does not reach the best. They bury the initial 10 points, and eventually, at 24-34, the Ras Vegas raid. Drew Brees said he believes that the team is still in the stage.

Since the team enters a super bowl, 3 San Francisco 49 people have improved the surrounding sales. Siji Garo-Garo Puboppolo, close-end Georg-Kitte, ranked ninth and tenth, and rookie defensive Duan More Kick – Bosa (Nick Bosa) Rank 16th.

In the 4th wave of offensive, the saints got 2 times and 1 anyging ball score, which allowed the outside world to take the micrael thomas lack, and the Saint Offense Group has formed a tacit understanding.

Engraham and Lightning have signed a long to have a long time before July 15. If both parties can’t sign a long agreement, then Ingram has been playing in the new season to 14 million US dollars, which will let him fall in the future of lightning.

“Do we have a tacit understanding now? No, we don’t. We didn’t even play the performance of our strength. Differently far,” Bris said. “We have some excellent performance in the early days of the competition, but it is not enough to grasp only a few opportunities. We need to better grasp the opportunity.”

Los Angeles Lightning and Dushing Hand Mervent – Engraz is about 4 years

Beijing June 12th, last summer, San Diego Lightning and the first round of Joe Joe-Bosa contract dispute lasted for a long time. But they are now ensuring that the first season will not be repeated with the team privilege label Melvin Ingram, in the first season of relocating to Los Angeles.

Texas has cut Muels in March this year. He stayed here for 7 seasons and never missed the game. As of the 2014 season, he has first sent 128 games, which is the second long record of active offensive front line players. The 2014 season is the 153th game of his continuously played, which is the longest record in the current cheap nfl jerseys From china offensive front line player.

Gordon was selected in the 15th of 2015, and he was selected for 28 times in the past three years, and the column of alliances in the past 3 years. In the 12 games last season, Gordon completed 175 shocks, acquired 885 yards, completing 490 yards 50, with a total of 14 times.

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