UNHCR – More than 2 million people have fled since Russia invaded Ukraine

UNHCR - More than 2 million people have fled since Russia invaded Ukraine

UNHCR – More than 2 million people have fled since Russia invaded Ukraine – The United Nations Refugee Body (UNHCR) recorded 2,011, 312 people have been displaced since Russia invaded Ukraine. The number of refugees increased by 276,244 more than the number on the previous day. “More than 2 million people have now fled Ukraine since Russia launched its full-scale invasion on February 24,” according to the latest information from the United Nations. Slot Pragmatic

The United Nations Children’s Body (UNICEF) believes that hundreds of thousands of those displaced are children. Moreover, the authorities and the United Nations predict the number of refugees will continue to grow as the Russian army moves deeper into Ukraine, especially as it approaches Kyiv. Daftar Slot777

The following is information on Ukrainian refugees for UNHCR:


UNHCR said Monday that 1,204,403 refugees are located in Poland. The number has grown to 176,800 in the last 24 hours. Slot Online Resmi 2022

The Polish government has set up reception centers and charities to mobilize in the massive push effort, assisted by the nearly 1.5 million Ukrainians who already live in the EU member state. Poland on Monday proposed a law that makes it easier for Ukrainian refugees to stay by allowing Ukrainians to remain in Poland for 18 months and renewing their permits for another 18 months. Ukrainians will also be allowed to work and access health services and schools. Daftar Slot Terbaru

Other places in Europe

UNHCR also records close to 210,239 people have fled Ukraine to other European countries.


Near 191, 348 refugees are currently located in Hungary– 10 percent of the total who have left Ukraine. That’s an increase of 11,185 from Monday’s figure.

The country has 5 border crossings with Ukraine and several border towns, including Zahony has turned public buildings into push centers, where Hungarian civil society offers food or encouragement.


Across Ukraine’s shortest border, near 140, 745 refugees are currently located in Slovakia.


UNHCR says the number of refugees who have crossed Ukraine’s longest border into Russia since the invasion is 99,300. For UNHCR information, an additional 96,000 people moved into Russia from the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk on February 18 and 23, the days before the invasion. Russia.


For UNHCR’s updated information until the end of the following week, close to 82, 762 refugees are located in Moldova. Although thousands of others have passed through non-EU countries on their expeditions to other countries. Prime Minister of Moldova, Natalia Gavrilita said as of Sunday (6/3) that more than 230,000 people had crossed the border from Ukraine.


Near 82 062 refugees from Ukraine are currently located in Romania. The figure was recorded until the end of the following week.


For UNHCR, close to 453 refugees from Ukraine have successfully entered Belarus.

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